Trinity Grace Kids

We offer Children's Ministry during our sermon portion of the service. If you would like to keep your children with you in the service, that is completely fine!

Our goals for Trinity Grace Kids are simple:

  1. Offer fun, interactive, and safe places for kids to play and learn. We follow strict safety protocols and all teachers & helpers are trained and qualified through Ministry Safe.

  2. Read and teach them from the Bible.

  3. Help them understand how all of the Bible is about Jesus, by using the Gospel Story Curriculum.

Where to go

You can bring them a few minutes before the meeting starts to the Trinity Grace Kids table, to the left of the main auditorium doors. A  volunteer will gladly get your children signed up, issue nametags, and give you a unique pick-up slip to help ensure your children's safety and security when children are dismissed.

Moms can take noisy or hungry infants at any time to the Moms and Babies room (located to the right outside of the auditorium). Various accessories and a live audio stream are there to serve you.


Children will begin the morning in the main meeting with their parents. They'll be dismissed to the following 2 classes before the sermon starts.

Right now, our Children's Ministry is arranged into 2 classes (details below). It is designed to serve kids 2nd grade and under.


This group is for ages 6 months–pre-K. This class is recommended for infants, crawlers, and toddlers. It is a comfortable, safe environment for them to rest and play.


This group is for pre-K—2nd grade. This class is recommend for school-age children able to learn and participate in a lesson. The LEARNERS are led by a trained teacher who instructs the children in a gospel-centered lesson from the Old or New Testament.

Additional info for parents

Having your children with you for much of the service can be a challenge. If you have young children, don't feel you must stop their wiggles while we worship!

Remember, children learn by watching. Worship with them by your side and seek to show them how to worship joyfully and passionately. Quietly explain the different parts of the service and the actions of those leading us. If you need to leave the service with your child for any reason, please feel free to do so.s