Gospel Story Curriculum

This January, we began a new curriculum called Gospel Story Curriculum. This curriculum goes through the entire Bible and helps children understand how all of the Bible is about Jesus. The lessons are engaging, interactive, and easy to understand.

In addition, each week’s curriculum includes simple, 10-minute devotions for families to use each week at home in Old Story New.

You may not even know what family devotions are! We didn’t either at one point and are by no means good at them. Family devotions are just simple ways to pause the busyness of each day and week to read and discuss God’s Word together.

Regardless of whether you are expert at family devotions or just getting started, Old Story New will be a good resource for you and your family.

You can purchase it for $10 at our TGKids Kiosk or on Amazon.

TGKids Schedule for Old Story New

Below is the schedule for our curriculum for TGKids. If you are interested in following along in family devotions with Old Story New, below are the lessons for week that coordinate with our curriculum.

1/6 Jesus Presented in the Temple (Lesson 3)

1/13 The Ministry of John the Baptist (Lesson 4)

1/20 The Baptism of Jesus (Lesson 5)

1/27 The Temptation of Jesus (Lesson 6)

2/3 The Wedding Feast (Lesson 7)

2/10 Jesus Cleanses the Temple (Lesson 8)

2/17 Nicodemus (Lesson 9)

2/24 Good News (Lesson 10)

3/3 The Miraculous Catch (Lesson 11)

3/10 Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man (Lesson 12)

3/17 The Sermon on the Mount—The Beatitudes (Lesson 13)

3/24 Last Supper

3/31 Trial or Denial

4/7 Crucifixion

4/14 Resurrection

4/21 Ascension

4/28 The Sermon on the Mount—Love your Enemies (Lesson 14)

5/5 The Lord's Prayer (Lesson 15)

5/12 Treasure in Heaven (Lesson 16)

5/19 The Wise & Foolish Builders (Lesson 17)

5/26 The Four Soils (Lesson 18)

6/2 The Hidden Treasure (Lesson 19)

6/9 Jesus Calms the Storm (Lesson 20)

6/16 Jesus Feeds the Multitude (Lesson 21)

6/23 Jesus Walks on Water (Lesson 22)

6/30 Take Up Your Cross (Lesson 2