Each week our church meets on Sunday morning to worship Jesus and celebrate the gospel, but throughout the week we scatter into different neighborhoods in and around Athens to live honestly and serve others. 

Small groups—or, as well call them—community groups are the “heart and soul” of our church. They are where church becomes smaller. These small, intimate groups are where true, lasting relationships form. Every other week, these community groups meet all around Athens and in to other parts of our area. These gatherings give time for prayer, encouragement, and relationship-building. 

Simply put, in these groups, we are seeking to walk honestly together before God and one another.

Ask any member of our church—these groups become family. They walk through times of loss, times of need, and times of joy. They display the love of Christ by loving each other. In His kindness, the Lord has blessed our church with these groups, and it is our desire for every member to experience the Christ-exalting relationships they provide.



Mike and Vanessa Ball

Friday nights, 7:00pm

Email Mike for more information.

mike [at] southernprovisioninsurance [dot] com



Sam and Rachel Olsen

Sunday nights, 5:00pm

Email Rachel for more information.

rachelolsen97 [at] icloud [dot] com



Chris and Cynthia Pritchett

Wednesdays, 6:00pm

Email Chris for more information.

chrislpritchett [at] gmail [dot] com



Walt & Kim Alexander

Wednesdays, 6:00pm

Email Walt for more information.

walt [at] trinitygraceathens [dot] come