We are serious about God and his grace, not ourselves.

We love to celebrate and make much of the grace of God. 

God has not given us what we deserve. He gives grace—canceling our debts and invites us again and again into relationship with him. Grace overrides our tendency to rely on ourselves. Grace continually orients us rightly and calls us to worship God. 

We are disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Having been changed by grace, we follow Jesus. Our lives are not our own. We belong to Jesus and seek to live lives that honor Him. We want to be like Him. We want to think like he thinks and love like he loves.

We seek to walk in honest relationships with one another. 

Church is far too often a place where we hide our hurts and failures. Grace frees us to be honest—to admit where we’ve blown it and where we are broken. Grace frees us to ask for help. Grace frees us to walk honestly with others. 

We are seeking to serve Athens and beyond. 

We love Athens. Many of us have called it home since birth. We join with other churches to proclaim the gospel and celebrate God’s grace in Athens. 

We exist to treasure the God of all grace by gathering to worship Jesus and scattering to live honestly and serve the people of Athens.