Sovereign Grace goes gospel!

If you were to describe Sovereign Grace Music—who write many of the songs we sing—gospel (in the music genre sense) is not a word you would use.

Yet, in their most recent album our friends at Sovereign Grace Music teamed up with Joe Pace & the Shiloh Church Choir. (Shiloh Church happens to be pastored by one of my favorite preachers H.B. Charles.)

It is called Behold Our God! And it is really good. Seriously.


Bob Kauflin & Joe Pace said this about the album: When God sent his Son to save a people for his glory, he didn’t specify what kind of music they should use to praise him. He just said his redeemed choir would be made up of people from every tribe, people, language, and nation (Rev. 5:9). In fact, the Bible contains a surprising variety of ways we can praise God with music: alone and with others, structured and spontaneous, simple and complex, accompanied and a cappella. No one style can express the vastness of God’s attributes and deeds or the multitude of appropriate ways we can respond to him. With that in mind, this album brings together different musical and cultural backgrounds united in the same purpose: to sing to the Lamb, to sing loud, and to sing together (Rev. 5:9-13; Ps. 47:1; Ps. 34:3).

Here is a short clip:

You can listen to it through Spotify or Apple Music. And you can download it here at Bandcamp.

And who knows? With enough pestering maybe Ben and Gil will try out some of these songs?