I want to know the secret.


Contentment is not a gift.

It is not a grin-n-bear-it attitude.

It is not feeling good when things are going well or feeling bad when things aren’t.

“It is not trouble that troubles, but discontent.” Thomas Watson

It is not realizing you have it better than others.

It is not even connected to our circumstances. Hard circumstances are hand-picked opportunities to rest in God’s wisdom.

“The wise God has ordered our condition. If He sees that it is better for us to abound, we shall abound. If He sees that it is better for us to want, we shall want. Be content to be at God’s disposal.” Thomas Watson

It is living with the settled confidence that Jesus is with us & will never give us what we can’t endure with his help. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

That’s the secret! It doesn’t mean Jesus will give super-human strength. And it doesn’t mean we can accomplish whatever we want with his help. It’s not often flashy. But, it (often slowly) sets us free from discontent & complaining to live a life of humility, faith, & gratitude.