Janelle Thomas's testimony of sustaining grace.


Oftentimes life does not go as planned.

Last Sunday, Janelle Thomas shared her testimony about how she has met God & grown through the un-planned, tragic death of her father Kelly several years ago.

Read & rejoice, as she shares about how God has been at work:

As Taylor said, my name is Janelle Thomas. Jesus graciously saved me at the age of five. I thought that with Christ in my heart, there might be little bumps in life but nothing major and there would always be happiness around the corner. When my dad died four years ago, I was thrown a major curve ball. I had always been a joyful person but all of a sudden I felt anger towards God that I had never felt before. Does He really love us? Does He really care about me? If He does, why would He let my daddy die? These questions swarmed my head day and night. I was angry. I was sad. I hadn’t felt this pain before. But when I fell, God picked me up. When I stumbled, God held my hand. It may not look like He is there, but He is. I once read that “when there is just one set of foot prints in the sand, that is when Jesus was carrying you.” 

As I was preparing this testimony, I was reminded of Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the Lord has made: I will rejoice and be glad in it.” I cannot rejoice that my dad died, but I can rejoice of the things that have come from his death. First, I rejoice in the church God has given me in Trinity Grace. I am so blessed by the friends I have. How well you take care of me and how much you and your families love me. I am also so thankful for the many godly men in my life, who love and take care of me and make me feel special when I am with them. For example, people like Mr. Chris who hugs me every time I step foot into his home, or playfully tugs on my braid. Or Mr. Stephen who when I am freaking out about playing bass on stage for the first time calms my nerves, and there are countless other who have blessed my life. And Mr. Daniel picks us up VERY early on Sunday mornings when we have set up. 

Second, I rejoice in the effect of my dad’s life on others. I have seen some of his students come to Christ because of his story and some of his colleagues pondering their faith because of his legacy. And I don’t even know all the people his life effected.

Third, over and above these things, I have learned to rejoice in God’s great power, His saving grace, and His great love. I have begun to learn how to turn from anger and selfishness to be a humble and joyful person. I have begun to rejoice in whatever the Lord brings into my life. As the hymn says, “When sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot thou hast taught me to say it is well with my soul.” I can finally say it is well with my soul!